The medical waste bins which come with a 5-year warranty, were developed in 2000 using heavy-duty, durable stainless steel. Stainless steel is a unique raw material, as it is both reusable and recyclable. Mama’s Bins come in an array of sizes: 12L, 20L and 30L.

The savvy design of the bin is both aesthetically-appealing and user-friendly. The non-porous surface of the bins prevents bacterial build-up in microscopic crevices, thus ensuring hygiene and sanitation. Ease of use is highlighted by the hands-free system of disposing medical wastes via the stainless steel pedal. Staff and other healthcare personnel will be able to dispose of medical wastes without having to come into contact with the wastes that have already been disposed.

The bin also features a removable stainless steel inner compartment which makes it easier to dispose of waste contents, once the waste bins need to be emptied out. The stainless steel inner is a first of its kind, adding to the originality, innovativeness and longevity of our product offering.